Unparalleled Air-Drying technique

Since March 2005 TM Pipeline Service can offer an unparalleled Air-Drying system, which is revolutionary compared to any other know drying techniques. The system is used for drying of large diameter and long section pipelines, piping- and production systems and LNG Tanks.


To show the efficiency of the drying system, a comparison has been set up between a conventional drying spread consisting of desiccant units with compressors and the TM Air-Drying unit.


The illustration is based on drying of a 48 inch gas pipeline.


TM Drying Unit:

1 x Drying unit (20 foot container)
1 x Blower unit (20 foot container)
1 x Test cabin / Workshop (20 foot container)

Conventional Drying Spread:

5 x Compressors (1600 m³/h – 900 cfm)
2 x Desiccant driers (3500 m³/h – 2000 cfm)
1 x Generator (50 Kva)
2 x After coolers
2 x Oil separators
1 x Store container (20 foot container)
1 x Test cabin (10 or 20 foot container)
Manifolds and hoses etc.




 Produce 2.5 times more air

TM Drying unit – 18.000 m³/h (10.600 cfm)
Standard Desiccant Spread -    6.800 m³/h (4.000 cfm) 15% loss to regenerate the desiccant



50% less drying time

TM Drying unit - 2.5 times higher volume reduce the drying time



5.5 times less fuel consumption pr. hour

TM Drying unit – 70 l/hour
Standard Desiccant Spread - 365 l/hour (5 x 70 comp. + 1 x 15 gen.)
Or 11 times less fuel consumption to complete the scope of work due to drying time is reduced to 50%



50% less equipment to transport

TM Spread Needs 2 trucks for transport
Standard Desiccant Spread Needs 4 trucks for transport



3 times faster to setup and connect

TM Drying unit - Takes 1½ hour to setup and connect
Standard Desiccant Spread  Takes 5 hour to setup and connect



 Other considerable advantages when using the TM Air-Drying unit:

    • High volume minimize the risk of a foam pig being stocked in the line, due to air is bypassing 
    • Better cleaning of the pipeline due to higher velocity
    • Less crane movement, or when TM use there own trucks no crane is required at all
    • Lower pressure in hoses and fittings (max 1 bar)
    • Equipment is easy to handle and transport as it is build in standard containers
    • Less personnel to operate the equipment
    • 100% oil free air is injected in the pipeline or piping system
    • Less area is required to setup the equipment (only 3 x 20 foot containers)
    • Less exhaust emissions due to less fuel consumption
    • Less on-site oil change and service is required, normally a section can be dried within the service interval of the engines and no shot down in required at all.
    • Less transport and storage of fuel is required on site.


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