Unparalleled Air-Drying technique

Since March 2005 TM Pipeline Service can offer an unparalleled Air-Drying system, which is revolutionary compared to any other know drying techniques. The system is used for drying of large diameter and long section pipelines, piping- and production systems and LNG Tanks.

To show the efficiency of the drying system, a comparison has been set up between a conventional drying spread consisting of desiccant units with compressors and the TM Air-Drying unit.

The illustration is based on drying of a 48 inch gas pipeline.

TM Drying Unit

​1 x Drying unit (20 foot container)

1 x Blower unit (20 foot container)

1 x Test cabin / Workshop (20 foot container)​

Conventional Drying Spread

​5 x Compressors (1600 m³/h – 900 cfm)

2 x Desiccant driers (3500 m³/h – 2000 cfm)

1 x Generator (50 Kva)

2 x After coolers

2 x Oil separators

1 x Store container (20 foot container)

1 x Test cabin (10 or 20 foot container)

Manifolds and hoses etc.

Produce 2.5 times more air

TM Drying unit –18.000 m³/h (10.600 cfm)

Standard Desiccant Spread - 6.800 m³/h (4.000 cfm) 15% loss to regenerate the desiccant

50% less drying time

TM Drying unit -2.5 times higher volume reduce the drying time

5.5 times less fuel consumption pr. hour

TM Drying unit –70 l/hour

Standard Desiccant Spread -365 l/hour (5 x 70 comp. + 1 x 15 gen.)

Or 11 times less fuel consumption to complete the scope of work due to drying time is reduced to 50%

​50% less equipment to transport

TM SpreadNeeds 2 trucks for transport

Standard Desiccant SpreadNeeds 4 trucks for transport

3 times faster to setup and connect

TM Drying unit -Takes 1½ hour to setup and connect

Standard Desiccant Spread Takes 5 hour to setup and connect

Other considerable advantages when using the TM Air-Drying unit:

​High volume minimize the risk of a foam pig being stocked in the line, due to air is bypassing

Better cleaning of the pipeline due to higher velocity

Less crane movement, or when TM use there own trucks no crane is required at all

Lower pressure in hoses and fittings (max 1 bar)

Equipment is easy to handle and transport as it is build in standard containers

Less personnel to operate the equipment

100% oil free air is injected in the pipeline or piping system

Less area is required to setup the equipment (only 3 x 20 foot containers)

Less exhaust emissions due to less fuel consumption

Less on-site oil change and service is required, normally a section can be dried within the service interval of the engines and no shot down in required at all.

Less transport and storage of fuel is required on site.

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